Core Drill Bits (Guest)

core drilling a concrete floor

Here we are in Burlington NC core drilling a concrete floor using a 5" concrete core drill bit.

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core drilling no power

On this project we were looking for power to run the core drill motor. No alot of infomation but maybe funny.

Concrete block wall full of insulation

We core drilled a 10 inch hole in a block wall and found it full of plastic beaded insulation.

Core drilling a sewer pipe

Core drilling a 12 inch hole for new sewer piping in South Carolina. It is not always as much fun as it looks.

Core drilling Biltmore Inn, Asheville NC

Core drilling a 12 inch hole for new HVAC at the Biltmore Inn, Biltmore NC. This was one of the more fun jobs we had.

Core drilling hole in fireplace for gas logs

Core drilling a 2 inch hole in a brick fireplace for new gas line in Raleigh NC. This was the easy core drill hole, the next hole was 4 foot deep horizontally for the connecting gas pipe below.

Core drilling hole in foundation

Core drilling a 5 inch hole in a concrete foundation for new plumbing

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